At CARS R US, restorations of body and paint will be performed at no less than Class 2* quality on classic cars or street machines. It is up to each car owner to decide whether or not the rest of the car including interior, trim and drive train are held to these same standards. Our reputation is based on a high level of quality. We do have prices for paint jobs on regular cars however these prices do not apply to restorations.

Our price structure for restorations is a cost-plus time and materials basis. We keep track of time spent and the customer is billed regularly. CARS R US encourages car owners to be involved in the process of restoring their vehicles, and, for that reason, we are flexible regarding how much of the work owners want to do themselves including disassembly, reassembly and parts procurement.

We do not give estimates on restoration of body and paint for the following good business reasons:

There is no way to tell how much labor or parts will be needed for a project.

Concealed previous repairs and hidden rust damage may not be visible at the beginning.

Requests for changes and modifications to projects by owners can be made without having to re-negotiate a price.

Job integrity is not compromised by trying to fit repairs and refinish into a dollar category

A quality restoration will outlast a mediocre one and someday, as your classic car or street rod continues to appreciate, it’s value and the restoration costs could be equal.

We won’t be the cheapest but we are reasonable and we will give you the best value for the dollar.

We do awesome body and paint, if you need help with other aspects of your restoration project such as interiors and drive trains, see our links page for other quality businesses.

*CAR SHOW CLASSIFICATIONS: Class 1 – “Trailer Queen” – cars that have never been driven and are exclusively for show only, never lose a class, very few exist Class 2 – Superior Restoration, may win their class in shows unless a Class 1 is present, is competitive at a national level Class 3 – “20-footer”, older restoration or good amateur restoration. Commonly found at local shows. Class 4 – Good, a driveable vehicle with a deteriorated restoration or a poor amateur restoration – obviously in need of a restoration at 20 feet Class 5 – Restorable, needs a complete restoration, may not run, will have some rust but most parts still intact Class 6 – Parts Car – wrecked, weathered, rusted, or stripped