Collision Repair

At CARS R US, we offer the following services to our customers.

Collision Repair

CARS R US handles your collision repair needs with the utmost care. We know your main goal is to receive a high-quality repair and be back on the road as quick as possible. CARS R US will work as efficiently as possible to ensure you receive a hassle free experience.

The following is a list of the different things we take care of during the collision repair process.

Estimates – We provide you with a FREE estimate. Our staff will help guide you through the entire repair process and ensure you won’t waste time by receiving extra estimates.

Insurance Relations – CARS R US is known for their friendly customer service. We work great with car owners and insurance companies. We want our customers to remember they are able to choose the auto body shop for their vehicle repairs. It is not up to the insurance company.

Timing – We reserve some priority space for our collision customers in order to start working on their vehicle when their auto body parts arrive.

Customer Service – CARS R US is happy to update our customers on a regular basis during the collision repair process. We also value explaining our estimates, the repair process, insurance procedures and any other questions.


CARS R US loves old cars and the opportunity to help you with your project. As far as cost goes, we have prices for paint jobs on regular cars. However, those prices do not apply to restorations.

CARS R US charges the customer for restorations based on a cost, time and materials. We track the time we spend on the restoration, and we will bill you regularly. We are flexible with letting the customer be involved in the restoration. This means we are OK with allowing the customer to choose which parts of the process they would like to complete themselves as long as the finished product will represent both parties in a good light. Please contact us with any questions you might have concerning your vehicle.

Rust Repair

CARS R US offers full panel replacements and partial panel replacements depending on the extent of the rust damage on your vehicle.